Jewel Nightclub Las Vegas

JEWEL Nightclub, Las Vegas


JEWEL Nightclub Las Vegas is one of the newest clubs on the strip, and JEWEL’s management wanted to create a unique experience for their guests. To accomplish this JEWEL turned to Audiotek with an exciting project brief. JEWEL features innovative audio-visual installations that are integrated into every aspect of the club environment and has created a truly out-of-this-world experience for their guests. Spanning more than 24,000 square feet of precisely designed space, JEWEL is as inviting as it is evocative; a rare ambient delight that must be experienced to be appreciated.

When the headliner is a world-class DJ or performer, JEWEL delivers the night performances with a multi-faceted experience for each guest and every event. Over 1,400 square feet of architectural LED ribbons crown the action as they contour the pillars and walls pulsing with the rhythm. This unique convergence of sight and sound creates an immersive space from which to soak up the ambience. Just behind the DJ booth, a mesmerising wall of light technology shape-shifts and shines, synchronising the experience and culminating with a feast for the senses. JEWEL Nightclub, Las Vegas offers an unprecedented experience.

Audioteks’ involvement

“We designed and supplied a complete lighting, sound and video package which set a new benchmark in club design. Every project offers new and interesting challenges, JEWEL Nightclub, Las Vegas was tremendously exciting, offering a dramatic backdrop for some sensational lighting effects”. Frank Murray, Founder, Audiotek

When it came to lighting the club, there was already a large amount of LED in the overall visual design for the oval-shaped room, which has a domed ceiling comprising concentric rings of video with four prominent pillars – also clad in pixels – at each corner. We didn’t want to ignore the existing architecture and form completely, so instead devised a design uniting both new and existing criteria incorporating a ring of lights around a relatively small oculus feature in the centre of the room.

The use of Robe moving lights (forty-eight Pointes, eight DLX Spots & eight Colo Strobes) were central components to the lighting rig. The majority of the Pointes were rigged on ‘spines’ starting at the oculus feature and reaching out across the room. Rigged in groups of four, they can also work as ACL beams – a look that’s currently trending. In the end-to-end orientation, they are also spaced to subtly mimic the contours of the ceiling. This dual positioning enhanced the flexibility and variety of looks that can be created and gives JEWEL a different and interesting ambience & vibe.

With so many LED elements and mappable pixels in the room and surrounding the dance floor, the task of lighting was incredibly challenging and inspiring for our team. To combat the levels of ambient lighting being kicked out by the video and LED surfaces, they decided that beams should be the main luminaires. Video and lighting elements then came together in a cohesive design giving expression in the Ayrton Dream Panel Twin, using both sides of the panel – installed in a grid formation behind the DJ – to construct a kinetic video wall comprising Ayrton Magic Dots mounted on custom fabricated telescopic brackets.

Specialist AV Tech


Robe offered us some uber-cool fixtures to create an invigorating new venue in this new capital of clubbing, and they continue to produce innovations that enable us to enhance our own demanding creative visions, and it’s a pleasure working with these dedicated professionals.”  Frank Murray, Founder, Audiotek


Ayrton is the creator of renowned lighting solution systems including Dream Panel and Magic Dot, which were integral for the design at JEWEL. Ayrton’s staff boasts some of the finest experts in the fields of mechanical, electronic and software engineering, who translate new technology and Avant-guard development concepts into unique and original products.

JEWEL Nightclub, Las Vegas was an amazing project and one of which we are extremely proud of. Take a look at some of our other projects on our website to see for yourself the vast array of expertise and experience we bring to every project.

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