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Who We Are

Audiotek was founded by Frank Murray in Dublin in 1982, and quickly established a reputation for providing high impact audio installations in many of the country’s most favoured pubs, restaurants, and nightspots. With a finger firmly on the pulse of the industry’s most advanced technology and through unswerving dedication to its client’s vision, Audiotek became the preferred supplier to world-famous high-end hospitality chains such as Hakkasan, Omnia, Jewel and Opium.

Today, in addition to leading each successive wave of the clubbing phenomenon, Audiotek services a host of sectors and venues from commercial retail projects and corporate environments, restaurants and bars, racecourses, and leisure centres, to large residential installations and hotel chains.

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Here are some of the more memorable projects that AudioTek is proud to have been involved in:

What We Do

Audio Systems

Sound is arguably one of the most powerful influences on an audience’s appreciation of any entertainment experience – be it in a nightclub, chic restaurant, at a football match or corporate presentation. That is why at Audiotek we are committed to seeking out the industry’s most advanced technology and partnering with the world’s leading manufacturers of sound equipment.

Video Systems

Moving images have the power to transport us and captivate the imagination, an essential component in all entertainment and informational categories. Our expertise in commercial video systems enables us to design and build dynamic and engaging video wall and digital signage solutions that never fail to impress – from large scale events to superclubs, shopping malls, and corporate environments.

Lighting Design

Good lighting design is an art form, a discipline that Audiotek has demonstrated to clients worldwide for almost four decades. Skilfully applied lighting can lift your project to stunning heights, and by using our in-house design and access to a roster of well-known freelance lighting designers we can achieve results that will always create an impact.

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