In addition to leading each successive wave of the clubbing phenomenon, Audiotek services a host of sectors and venues from commercial retail projects and corporate environments, restaurants and bars, racecourses, and leisure centres,  to large residential installations and hotel chains.

Professional Audio Systems

At Audiotek we seek out the industry’s most advanced technology and partner with the world’s leading equipment manufacturers.

Professional Video Systems

Our expertise in commercial video systems enables us to design and build dynamic and engaging video solutions that meet your needs.

Professional Lighting Systems

Good lighting design is an art form, a discipline that Audiotek has demonstrated to clients worldwide for almost four decades.


With extensive installation experience to call upon, Audiotek can design a system that will meet your needs in a practical way.



Installation is at the core of our business. We have full-time teams based in Farnborough and Dublin, as well as partners in the USA.

Let Audiotek bring your concept to reality.