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Commercial sound systems and Acoustic Projects

Sound is arguably one of the most powerful influences on the audience’s appreciation of any entertainment experience – be it in a nightclub, chic restaurant, at a football match or corporate presentation. That is why at Audiotek we are committed to seeking out the industry’s most advanced technology and partnering with the world’s leading manufacturers of sound equipment.

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Large Format Sound Systems

Sound systems are right at the top of their game, for Nightclubs, Festivals, Concert venues, and more. From 1000 people to 500,000 people. Audiotek are distributors of L-Acoustics loudspeaker systems. The brand is responsible for the audio at 9 out of 10 of the highest-grossing festival brands worldwide.

Restaurant Sound Systems

It might sound obvious, but background audio should be in the background, but there, in the foreground, when you want it.

Sound in a restaurant transforms even the dreariest lunchtime service into the atmosphere you are looking for. Sound can mask those private conversations or be used (maybe with a DJ) to excite and entertain.
Professional Audio Systems

PA Systems & Sporting Events

Sometimes, sound is more about being heard. Projecting the voice as far, and as clearly as we can.
Either for commentary or for safety. Audiotek can model these systems in advance so that you know once it’s working, it’s going to work.

Immersive Sound

A fairly recent invention in the field of audio. Taking the 5.1 setup at home to extreme levels. Either within the home or the concert hall.
Now with the L-ISA system, it’s possible to really lose yourself in the sound. Using up to 24 channels of speakers, even for live music in large venues, we can place you right into the band.
Immersive Sound
Sound in the Workplace

Sound in the Workplace

Whether it’s an office space, gym, warehouse, or other facility, the ability to play background music can greatly lift productivity.
This can be combined with the facility to page staff and make announcements. Sound can also be used for presentations to all staff, or video playbacks.

Sound in the Classroom or Meeting Room

With the continuous rise of presentations being given using Multimedia, from 2-person huddle rooms up to 1000 seat lecture theatres, it’s never been so important to be heard.
From simple playback systems to speech reinforcement, or video conferencing, audio can make or break how clearly your message is heard.
Sound in the Classroom or Meeting Room

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We are also direct-to-market resellers and distributors for several high-end audio brands and are one of only four certified L’Acoustics installation partners within the UK and Ireland, as well as being one of only nine sub-distributors within this region.

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