For some projects, having your own in-house design-build installation team may not be the most practical or cost-effective way of achieving your aims. With extensive practical installation experience to call upon, Audiotek can design a system that will be both fit for purpose, as well as practical


Audiotek’s first starting point on all projects is “what is the need?”, or the more traditional engineering statement “what problem needs solving?”. Although we may have our own tried and tested brands, we are not tied to any part of the market and will always recommend the best solution we can for our clients.
Our staff have real-world experience of working and operating in a variety of venues. We use this specialist knowledge to influence our designs and provide maximum return on investment for any solution.

Collaboration & BIM

Working with other professionals is key for a successful design team; from interior designers, lighting designers, and architects, Audiotek are always a key part of the team.
Audiotek has worked with a wide range of disciplines around the world and always makes the effort to understand their philosophy and needs. We can also work in BIM projects, using AutoCAD Revit. This teamwork continues all the way throughout a project onto site with local installation teams.


Once the concept is created, then we must first verify the design, and secondly communicate the design to others.
We can model sound propagation and accounts, lighting design, and physical design in 3D, 2D, or even hand-drawn renders. This means that the client can be sure of the deliverables well before a single cable is pulled.


Although not very photographic, documentation is perhaps the most important item in a project.
Having the correct drawings to hand, clearly drawn, calling out the correct items, and coordinated with all other consultant packs will speed up a project, save money, and in the end create the exact result that is sought.
Audio Visual Design Consultancy


Where the inanimate comes to life. Programming lighting rigs, Crestron/Control systems, or even commissioning content to show on the LED screens.
The commissioning and training process is what ensures the equipment, sound, and right look to bring your venue to life.
As part of the process hands-on training is undertaken with relevant staff to ensure everything works as required.

Lets collaborate on your next project!

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