Installation is at the core of our business, it's what we do

With full-time teams based in Dublin and Reading, as well as partners in the USA and elsewhere,  we are well placed to take your concept to reality.

Survey & Design

Survey and Design

The first stage of any project is establishing the scope, design, and the solution. Audiotek can install to consultant-led design or lead the design process.

We can install working closely with your own electricians, or as a standalone trade. We can often offer value-added upgrade options or engineer a solution to meet a strict budget.


Working closely with the client to select the right products to suit both the venue and the budget.

With being able to supply speakers (for example) which range from £10 to £10,000, you can see the need to be careful in product selection when creating a full system.

We can often offer value-added upgrade options or engineer a solution to meet a strict budget.
Commercial Audio-Visual Installation
Commercial Audio-visual Installation


Our installation teams can carry out all manner of work, from cable pulling to final commissioning. Audiotek are CHAS accredited, and Health and Safety is always our number one priority on site.

Our teams all work well together and are mindful of other trades on site. Whatever the project, a professional team attends, and treats it as if it was their own.

All projects are assigned a Project Manager, who is contactable anytime, and will handle coordination as needed with other trades.


Although not very photographic, documentation is perhaps the most important item in a project. Having the correct drawings to hand, clearly drawn will speed up the installation process.

Records must then be kept, along with as-built drawings to enable long term support of all installations.
Audio Visual Design Consultancy
Commercial Audio-visual Installation


Where the inanimate comes to life. Programming lighting rigs, Crestron/Control systems, or even commissioning content to show on the LED screens. The commissioning and training process is what makes just a pile of equipment, sound and look right, and brings your venue to life.

As part of the process, hands-on training is undertaken with relevant staff to ensure everything works as required.

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