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Professional Video Systems

Moving images have the power to transport us and captivate the imagination, an essential component in all entertainment and informational categories. Our expertise in commercial video systems enables us to design and build dynamic and engaging video wall and digital signage solutions that never fail to impress – from large scale events to superclubs, shopping malls, and corporate environments.

Here are just a few of the equipment brands we work with:

Opium - Dublin

Large Format LED Displays

LED walls have moved on significantly from just billboards at the side of the road. The stage and nightlife industries were early adopters of these technologies, on bigger stages where resolution wasn’t needed, or as lighting effects rather than video.

Technology has now caught up with us, and LED is replacing projection in corporate, or monitoring settings. Our long history with LED walls ensures Audiotek is the ideal company to support you, whatever your LED project.


The classic accompaniment to a beer, football, rugby and F1. Advertising can also be brought onto screens when needed to drive sales.
Bowl Central


Projection is the classic large format video, and still the only way to get 4K resolution into a presentation space. With advancements in laser light sources, short throw lenses, and even touch sensors to create interactive screens, projection may well be the right technology for your next project.

Projection Mapping

Taking projection one step further.
This project used two 40,000 lumen projectors, permanently installed in outdoor enclosures to projection map the side of the nearby hotel.
With content made to “map” the building, look at the amazing video!
Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Using screens, and video to drive a message in your venue can increase revenue, keep patrons informed, as well as being eye-catching and interactive.
Audiotek have also carried out contract installation for advertising companies to install hardware in venues.

Video Control & Crestron

Your content and connectivity are only as useful as how you control them.
Does it display in the right format? How do I show my phone screen?
Audiotek install a variety of video systems, and control systems from companies such as Crestron to manage your installation and ensure that it’s simple to see what you want, when you want.
Video Control & Crestron
Video in the Workplace

Video in the Workplace

We are used to seeing our computer screen, PowerPoint presentations and the like.
But what about native Microsoft Teams or Zoom rooms? Walk into a meeting room, press a button, or trigger a meeting start from your phone, and talk to your colleagues, customers, or suppliers wherever they are in the world. Share content with them, see them on webcam and collaborate.

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