OMNIA Caesars Palace Las Vegas

OMNIA Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

OMNIA Caesars Palace Las Vegas is, without doubt, the most talked-about nightclub in Las Vegas and across the clubbing world. The massive 75,000 square feet space is split over three floors with different themes to suit all tastes.

OMNIA‘s main room features multiple layers, an expansive dance floor, antique mirrors, and seats of rich leather – all underneath a gigantic kinetic LED chandelier that ascends, descends, morphs, and transforms to the beat of the night.

Grandeur and opulence were the keywords that describe what we were aiming to achieve with this project at OMNIA Nightclub. We had to design the entire audio, lighting, and video systems for the club, so it was imperative that we smashed it. The products we chose needed to be of the highest quality to create an immersive experience for guests in every room and on the outside terrace.

Audiotek Omina Project Scope

Our highly creative design for the audio, lighting and video systems across the project was designed to complement the club’s opulence and grandeur. With the main room centre feature being a huge 32 ft diameter, 5-tonne kinetic chandelier, covered in Robe Lights, which dominates the room, combining lighting and movement created a spectacular effect. The main room audio system is delivered by an L-Acoustics speaker system of ARCS loudspeakers and SB28 subwoofers for the mains and XTi loudspeakers for the fills.

The ambience required for the second room, the more intimate ultra-lounge, is very different. The technology in this room featured L-Acoustics ARCS Focus and ARCS Wide loudspeakers with SB18 subwoofers.

On the outside terrace, the Renkus Heinz loudspeakers keep the sound spill to nearby hotels under control, while allowing headline DJs to push out high-level acoustics on the terrace.

OMNIA nightclub features…

OMNIA Caesars Palace, Las Vegas features a layered interior design strategy with highlights including brown leather, stained oak, antique mirrors, and ornate screens dominating the main dance area and balcony above. The immersive environment of the main club is wrapped in intricate beauty and decorative finishes. A colossal lighting system cascades throughout the entire club’s main room that bring the layers of architectural wonder to beating life.

The focal point of the Main Club is the grandiose kinetic chandelier weighing 22,000 pounds and comprises eight concentric circles, all of which feature different entertainment mediums. The production elements of the immense apparatus include lighting effects, video projections and LED strips. The movement of the chandelier is controlled by motion tracking where each of the independent rings can be manipulated to create an ever-changing display. It truly is a unique venue.

Featured Tech Suppliers

L-Acoustics speaker system:  L‑Acoustics sound systems are recognised worldwide for their natural, dynamic, precise, and consistent sonic signature. L‑Acoustics offers high-quality sound systems for everything from intimate studio clubs to, large scale sound system solutions for the world’s largest nightclubs, day clubs, and super-clubs.

ARCS loudspeakers:  L-Acoustics ARCS is a Medium Format Line Source featuring a bi-amplified design and advanced enclosure for remarkable clarity and coherence.

SB28 subwoofers:  This subwoofer features two 18-inch speakers with high-excursion drivers and optimised laminar vents to maximise LF efficiency – deployed in omnidirectional or cardioid patterns in stacked or flown configurations.

Renkus Heinz Loudspeakers:  Renkus-Heinz are committed to continued innovation in loudspeaker technology, giving their partners and end-users the absolute best quality sound possible – no matter the size or shape of the venue where it is being installed.

OMNIA hosts the best DJs

The nightclub features a variety of musical talent spanning diverse genres for an all-inclusive nightlife experience. Filled with interactive features and luxurious finishes at every turn, big-name DJs frequently play here, such as Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix, and Afrojack.

Using our diverse specialist knowledge we were able to create the exact look and feel that the project specifications required. Please take a look at the photos of OMNIA Caesars Palace, Las Vegas on our website as well as some of the other projects we have had to pleasure of creating.