Lighting Systems

Commercial Lighting Design & Installation

Good lighting design is an art form, a discipline that Audiotek has demonstrated to clients worldwide for almost four decades. Skilfully applied lighting can lift your project to stunning heights, and by using our in-house design and access to a roster of well-known freelance lighting designers we can achieve results that will always create an impact.


Nightclub Lighting

Maybe the lighting discipline Audiotek is best known for, having designed the systems for Omnia, Hakkasan, and Jewel in Las Vegas, as well as other clubs across the world.

Outdoor Lighting

Having an outside party? Why not use IP rated lighting fixtures to get the party started?
With IP fixtures now varying from moving lighting to architectural wall washes and more – it’s never been so possible to create the effect you are looking for outdoors.
Omnia Dayclub
Stage Lighting

Stage Lighting

Stage lighting is a wide-ranging statement! From nightclub stage, live bands, theatre, or a corporate presentation – being seen is just as important as being heard. Either with static or moving fixtures, LED, discharge, or other devices, Audiotek can supply and fit a lighting rig that will suit and cater for all your needs.

LED Lighting

LED lighting, and LED tape can be used to create mood lighting around a venue, or LEDs can be individually mapped to create chasing and colour changing effects.
House Belfast
Pixel Mapping

Pixel Mapping

Building upon the LED lighting, we can take this to the extreme, and by controlling every pixel, we can create shapes that move, chase, and change colour. Combined with the correct control software, this can bring another added dimension to your project. Like this project in Dublin, when combined with a custom MDF frame, the ceiling really came to life.

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