Audiotek Case Study – CANVAS, Manchester.

Audiotek Case Study - CANVAS, Manchester

Multi-function venues (MVF) are becoming increasingly popular as businesses seek more versatile, cost-effective spaces. CANVAS, Manchester is one such venue, and when it came to audio-visual equipment, they entrusted Audiotek with the design, supply, and installation. In this post we’ll take a closer look at the project, the equipment used and see how everything came together.

CANVAS – Manchester's music venue of choice.

Canvas is an exciting venue embedded within the trendsetting Circle Square development on Oxford Road, Manchester. CANVAS is an entertainment venue unlike any other, offering a diverse list of top-notch experiences. With more than eight thousand square feet of space to explore and an unforgettable day-to-night experience, it is easy to see why this destination has quickly become one of the sought after attractions in town!

CANVAS provides guests with a kitchen, bar, and club; the space is dedicated to emboldening the upcoming generation of musical talent, giving a platform to those without the same representation found elsewhere. Whether its live music or club nights, CANVAS has a deep selection of events from all over the world for everyone’s enjoyment and has now become one of Manchester’s’ best go to venues.

Client collaboration at every step.

We know that for any successful audio-visual project, extensive client collaboration and support is essential. By working closely with our clients, through every step of the project design and development, we are able to understand and refine the vision they have for their audio-visual requirements, allowing us to bring it to life with precision and accuracy. This attention to detail helps ensure an end result and experience that both we as a business, and our clients are proud of.

Audio-visual equipment used for this project.

For this multi-function venue, we were commissioned to design, supply and install all the audio-visual elements. After extensive design and planning, we selected an L-Acoustics A15 and KS21 system for the main live room, with Chauvet Lighting, and 4 BenQ Projectors displaying a large, blended image down one side of the room, as well as across the back of the stage.

The Members Club and restaurants have a distributed sound system based around Tannoy VX15 and VSX215 Loudspeakers, with a QSC Q-SYS networked audio control system to distribute music around the venue.  The L-Acoustics A15 system, along with the lighting makes this the best audio-visual technology spec’d, small live venue in Manchester, leaving the clientele in awe of the audio-visual mastery displayed.

CANVAS, Manchester really stands out as the best small live venue for audio-visual experiences in the city. Its sound system is top-notch, and their lighting production services are unparalleled, ensuring that all shows have the very best visuals to enhance the experience.

Audiotek – worldwide A/V industry leaders.

Regardless of the size or scope of your project, we will provide you with the audio and visual equipment, and installation services that you need to get it done right. With over four decades in the A/V industry, we have the experience and expertise to handle projects of any size or complexity.

So, if you’re looking for top-notch audio-visual quality and service for the design, supply, and installation of your venue, then look no further. Contact us today to learn how we can bring your A/V visions to reality.

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