An Audiotek Case Study – Designing and installing the new sound system for the ‘Great Hall’ at Farnham Maltings.

Audiotek - Case Study -Farnham Maltings

The ‘Great Hall’ at Farnham Maltings is an iconic, listed building hosting a wide variety of events. The hall is a multipurpose events space, with the option of operating with raked theatrical seating, or as a flat floor venue, so it was important to find a solution that would provide clear and reliable audio for all events held there.

We collaborated closely with the client to understand their needs and come up with a customised solution that would meet their requirements. The end result is an innovative, high-quality system made up of a number of different components, each chosen for its specific purpose. In this post, we are going to explore the different components we used for the ‘Great Hall’ project.

Farnham Maltings is a historic building in the heart of Farnham, Surrey.

Farnham Maltings is a beautiful, well-preserved, historical building in the centre of the picturesque town of Farnham, Surrey. It dates back to the 1750’s but was created as a large timber-frame malthouse for storing malt used in beer brewing in the late 1800’s. Today, this unique building has been beautifully restored and converted into an arts venue which hosts all kinds of events from theatre performances to comedy nights and live music events. The building retains all the character of its vibrant industrial past, with original architectural features now complemented by contemporary facilities and technology.

Designing a new sound system for the 'Great Hall'.

We were commissioned to design, and install a new sound system in the ‘Great Hall’ in order to increase the usage of the space; particularly to allow for live bands to play without having to bring in additional PA systems.

Firstly, we undertook a detailed review process ahead of designing a new sound system for the iconic ‘Great Hall’. Our engineers conducted extensive research to identify how to optimise sound quality within the historic building. This involved knowledge of the use, specialised acoustical prediction software, and experience with crafting the best conditions for sound reproduction such as speaker choice and placement, delay speaker placement, and front fill speakers. We took into account each aspect of the project to ensure that we created an effective solution tailored to this specific space.

The products we used for the new sound system in the 'Great Hall'.

The new sound system, designed by us and Martin Audio, needed to be as flexible as possible – for example, the subwoofers and front fills can move forward, and the delay line changed, so that only the rake seating can be used for performances which do not use the stage. The new system is comprised of Martin Audio TORUS (10 x T1215 & 2 x T1230) and 2 x Martin Audio SX218 subwoofers, powered by Martin Audio amplifiers as well as a QSC Q-SYS Control System.

The new system is equipped with the latest sound technologies available. From amazing speakers that produce clear, crisp audio to buzz-worthy subwoofers that bring out the bass of any song, this system provides an impressive listening experience. The advanced amplifiers are powerful and reliable, delivering music at higher volumes with less distortion than ever before. The directional arrays can be adjusted with ease and allow for high clarity, and undistorted sound throughout the entirety of the hall.

The new sound system ensures that any event taking place within the ‘Great Hall’ will have stunning surround-sound production, worthy of being seen and heard on a grand scale. The ‘Great Hall’ has come to life like never before, incorporating the latest technology ensuring that every last person in attendance, experiences the same rich audio quality.

Bringing the 'Great Hall' to life with an innovative sound system.

The ‘Great Hall’ is renowned for hosting live performers, and with the new sound system in place, they are able to accommodate even bigger acts without them having to bring in additional PA systems or equipment. The sound produced is crystal-clear ensuring audience members enjoy the full experience of each artist’s performance. Not only this, but our engineers behind it have made certain that nothing gets lost in translation – from individual instruments to vocals – listener after listener will be delighted by how responsive and powerful the system is.

This advanced sound system has created a truly remarkable sound experience that has taken the acoustics of the ’Great Hall’ to a whole new level. Not only can it handle every type of live performance with ease and clarity, but it also creates an atmosphere that is both captivating and enjoyable. With its technological advancements and innovative design, this system stands out as a powerful testament to the evolution of modern innovative acoustics being used in traditional spaces.

We are proud to have helped bring the ‘Great Hall’ to life with an innovative sound system and we look forward to seeing how this powerful setup will continue to revolutionise acoustic experiences and performances at Farnham Maltings for many years to come.

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