Pacha Ibiza Wins Mondo-Dr Award for Best Nightclub 2022

Audiotek Honoured As Pacha Ibiza Wins Mondo-Dr Award For Best Nightclub 2022 Following Extensive Refurbishment.

July 29th, 2022 – Pacha wins Mondo-Dr award for best nightclub 2022 following extensive refurbishment. Audiotek Ltd was honoured alongside in-house architect Tibor Martin, Pacha’s Technical Director Toni Prats, Audio Manager Toni Torres, and a distinguished list of manufacturers and suppliers.

Frank Murray Comments, “it was a real pleasure to be Pacha’s collaborator on Pacha’s reimagining. Pacha is such an emblematic clubbing venue on the Island, and it was a great honour to be chosen to be their design collaborator when they chose to embark on a very sensitive and important reimagining of the club for the new 2020 Era.”

Audiotek was commissioned to design a state-of-the-art, dynamic, motorised, rig, which would be capable of being used as a backdrop, a canopy, or as a video light show. Design team leaders Toni Prats and Toni Torres worked closely with the Audiotek team Frank Murray, Chris Kmiec and Rob Sherry to bring their vision to fruition.

“We have been very fortunate to work on a host of outstanding venues around the world but working on such an iconic venue as Pacha Ibiza was thrilling.” Said Frank Murray of Audiotek.  “Toni Prats, Pacha’s design team leader, had a very clear vision of what was needed and was involved at every step of the design process, working seamlessly with our team. Toni’s original concept became the basis for the underlying themes and engineering triumph that is entrancing clubbers every night. The result speaks for itself – the rig looks sensational and provides the flexible visual asset they needed to help create an immersive environment for their guests.”

The video rig comprises 37, custom 1.8m wide hexagonal LED shapes held in an aluminium frame surrounded by High Power LED strips. The hexagons are mapped as one giant, moveable canvas so that video content can maximise movement and positioning throughout the night to create a jaw-dropping visual feast. The impact is created, by moving the video panels in blackout which allows content to jump out from unexpected angles, as well as being able to lower the screen behind the DJ to create on a big canvas at a perfect viewing angle for more coherent content. The drama is heightened, using an additionally matrix-controlled honey-comb shaped outline LED system, using individually controlled pixel-mapped LEDs, offering a different palette of effects. The rear wall of the club is also projection-mapped using new Panasonic projectors, creating a panoramic backdrop to the entire club. Toni Prat’s and the in-house teams curated content ensures a constantly changing flow of images enhancing the entire night-time experience.

Making the rig come to life required the use of additional trusses, which allowed the 148 DMX controlled motors to be rigged with pin-point accuracy at high speed and in just about any direction. This movement, controlled with pinpoint accuracy by Pacha’s in-house technical team, allows the movement and content to be changed at the flick of a switch. The moving panels provide the WOW and creates a worthy centrepiece for the new, larger dance floor and performance area.

The final coordination needed was with the Audio team of the venue. The video rig drops in precisely around the main audio arrays, allowing the Audio to be in a perfect position, without compromising the WOW factor of the moving rig.

Pacha Ibiza encapsulates the latest in Nightclub design, taking these essentials to the extreme in one of the most prestigious venues on earth. The project has been a truly collaborative effort, by an international team with Audiotek working hand-in-hand with the in-house Pacha technical resources and has pushed the team to innovate.

The design was created from many influences in engineering and nature while allowing maximum flexibility. Evoking the iconic legacy of Pacha, harnessing Audioteks international technical experience, and grounded by Pacha’s traditions and technical history. This flexibility and exquisite design of the audio-visual systems will endure for many years to come. This project combines the best technical and creative talents from around the world it is truly one of a kind, just as Pacha Ibiza is (and will always be).

Tibor Martin’s exquisite interior design for the club space has been complimented and enhanced by Audioteks Wizardry and the technical expertise and traditions of the Pacha technical team.

Mondo-DR 2022 Awards – winner Pacha, Category Nightclubs

Project Pacha, Ibiza Spain

Tibor Martin, Pacha, Spain

Lighting Designer
Toni Prats, Pacha Technical Director and Lighting Designer

Engineering Design and Realisation

Audio Design
Tony Torres, Pacha Audio Manager

Audiotek is a specialist designer, supplier and installer of high-end sound, video and lighting systems for the most recognisable leisure, hospitality, and corporate customers worldwide. Established in 1982, with offices in Dublin and Reading, delivering cutting edge, design-led technology solutions that set the standard for immersive experiences in venues of all types.

Pacha Ibiza
Pacha Ibiza opened in 1973 and is regarded as the original superclub in Ibiza. Built-in Ses Feixes. and facing Ibiza Town, Pacha was designed to resemble a farmhouse to create an intimate (and now iconic) clubbing experience.

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