Omnia Dayclub and Casa Calavera: Vidanta Los Cabos, Mexico

The Omnia Dayclub and Casa Calavera at the Vidanta Los Cabos complex in Mexico is a spectacular example of cutting-edge audio-visual design and installation. It was the first restaurant and dayclub destination developed by the Hakkasan Group to open within Vidanta Los Cabos, and the resort includes the OMNIA Dayclub, SHOREbar, and Casa Calavera restaurant and was the first day-to-night beach club experience in Los Cabos. We were involved from start to finish, designing and implementing the A/V project as well as sourcing the innovative equipment that made this such an incredible success.

The Omnia Dayclub and Casa Calavera in Vidanta Los Cabos are two of the most impressive venues we have had the pleasure of working on. Having been Hakkasan’s A/V integrators for over a decade and achieving tremendous success with the other projects that we have undertaken for them; we knew the massive expectations they had for this new venture.

Hakkasans Project Brief

From the outset, the brief was for an innovative audio-visual design and installation that would set these venues apart from anything else in Mexico, an audio-visual system that would be both visually stunning as well as tactile, encompassing people’s senses through sight, sound, and touch. Our goal was to create a space where guests could experience the Omnia dayclub like never before. Our team responded with an innovative audio-visual design that combines a range of innovative products to produce an outstanding experience.

Incorporating Audioteks Innovative A/V Design & Installation

Following the initial brief, we came back with an L-Acoustics design to ensure the expectation of the new Dayclub followed the existing reputation of Hakkasans nightlife venues. One of the biggest challenges was how to provide banging nightclub sound in an open-air venue, whilst making sure that spill to the surrounding parts of the complex was minimised?
The answer was a multiple source L-Acoustics Kiva II system.

Omnia Dayclub, Los Cabos overlooks the Sea of Cortez and is arranged around a central pool. It features several VIP areas, including two-storey bungalows with private infinity plunge pools, as well as private cabanas. To deliver the best audio experience with as little noise pollution around the site as possible we installed (alongside local integrator Dextra Electronics) four hangs of six Kiva II loudspeakers with two SB15m subwoofers below each hang, plus the main sub array of six SB28 subwoofers sited in the front of the DJ Booth, ensuring the system packs that nightclub audio punch but controls spill into surrounding areas.

“As the main hotel pool is located behind the end wall of the Dayclub, with other parts of the hotel complex beyond, this set up means we can keep the sound inside the venue as much as possible,” “In the six VIP cabanas, we used a single X8 loudspeaker, whilst in the two-storey bungalows a single X8 was placed on each level.”  Rob Sherry, Audiotek

A major feature of the Dayclub is two large, curved columns positioned next to the bar and bungalows. As fill for the main bar area and the private pools, three X8 loudspeakers were hung from each column. For DJ monitors, two X12 loudspeakers were installed in stereo, along with a single SB18 subwoofer.

The restaurant Casa Calavera is used as an extension of Omnia Dayclub for certain events, and seamless audio was needed between the two locales. We continued through with L-Acoustics products to ensure the same audio signature and consistency of sound quality.

For the main drink’s bar/lounge area, two X12 loudspeakers are wall hung, with three SB15 subwoofers installed beneath the stage. The main dining area is covered by eight 5XT with a further two 5XT for the outside table area. Along the entrance corridor, a further four 5XT are positioned along the walls. The entire system is amplified by two LA8 and ten LA4X amplified controllers.

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