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L-Acoustics is one of the leading suppliers of professional sound design equipment for the Audio-Visual (AV) industry and has been for many years. They have a long pedigree for innovation that stretches back decades, with patented technologies that have shaped the future soundscape. L-Acoustics products offer innovative solutions for any AV project; from corporate events to live concerts. 

We have been working with L-Acoustics for a decade now, and in that time our relationship has gone from strength to strength. We’ve used their products in a variety of projects, each one achieving immense success.

Who are L-Acoustics?

Recognised globally for pioneering the line source array, professional sound design equipment supplier, L-Acoustics adopted a scientific approach to revolutionising sound design, enabling performance prediction that transformed sound performance. Their in-depth study of every aspect of design – from raw materials to high-end technologies, software, and electronics – contributes to a unique and broad combination of expertise that has put them front and centre of the AV landscape.

From idea to concept, drawing to prototype, or mock-up to production, L’Acoustics design the best acoustic innovations from ‘eye to ear.’ Their passion for acoustic, electronic, and mechanical modelling is visible in the attention brought to every detail in their products’ engineering and performance. Safety, durability, and reliability all contribute towards the unmatched sound signature.

Through their dedication to innovation and product design excellence, they shape the future of sound with technologies that enable audio professionals and artists to elevate the listener experience.

50,000 – loudspeakers produced per year
10,000 – electronic products produced per year
10,000 – registered software users
655 – training programs conducted per year
6,000+ – certificates delivered per year
80 – countries around the world carry the L‑Acoustics brand
10,000 – referenced venues
50 % – presence at the top 20 music festivals worldwide
700 – industry-leading certified providers worldwide

(Source: L-Acoustics.com)

Audiotek & L-Acoustics Collaborations

Over the years we have relied on L-Acoustics to ensure that our large-scale projects surpass all expectations. We are renowned for our innovative state of the art design and installation of audio-visual systems for some of the biggest nightclub and hospitality venues across the globe. In order to fulfil our unique and complex designs, we need to have the best products.

“L-Acoustics is a great brand that we have been reassured by, in the quality and integrity of the support personnel, as well as in the design and robust sonic quality of its components and products. Quality, reliability, accuracy, build quality, and attention to detail were all key elements in L-Acoustics winning over the management team and earning their loyalty across seven international and headline venue projects in three continents.” Frank Murray, Founder, Audiotek

L-Acoustics sound systems are recognised worldwide for their natural, dynamic, precise, and consistent sonic signature. L‑Acoustics offer high-quality professional sound design for everything from intimate studio clubs to, large scale sound system solutions for the world’s largest nightclubs, day clubs, and super-clubs.

Audiotek and L-Acoustic in-situ

OMNIA Dayclub, Los Cabos, Mexico

OMNIA Dayclub, and Casa Calavera, are venues within the stunning Vidanta Los Cabos complex. We were asked to provide an exceptional nightclub sound within an open-air venue, whilst ensuring that noise spill to the surrounding areas of the complex was minimal. The solution was a multiple source L-Acoustics Kiva ll system. To deliver the best audio experience with as little noise pollution around the site. Comprising of four hangs of 6 x Kiva II with 2 x SB15m below each hang, plus the main sub-array of 6 x SB28 subwoofers situated in the front of the DJ booth, the finished system packs a nightclub audio punch but still controls the surrounding spill.

The Kiva II system was the perfect choice for this Dayclub. The high SPL against its size fitted in perfectly with the architectural design. The sound vision modelling was excellent and being able to visualise what the system could achieve meant we could be sure we would deliver the audio experience we wanted.

More information can be found on this project at www.mondodr.com/l-acoustics-delivers-sound-for-omnia-dayclub/

OMNIA Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

OMNIA Caesars Palace Las Vegas is, without doubt, the most talked-about nightclub in Las Vegas and across the clubbing world. The massive 75,000 square feet space is split over three floors with different themes to suit all tastes.

OMNIA‘s main room features multiple layers, an expansive dance floor, antique mirrors, and seats of rich leather – all underneath a gigantic kinetic LED chandelier that ascends, descends, morphs, and transforms to the beat of the night.

Grandeur and opulence were the keywords that describe what we were aiming to achieve with this project at OMNIA Nightclub. We had to design the entire audio, lighting, and video systems for the club, so it was imperative that we smashed it. The products we chose needed to be of the highest quality to create an immersive experience for guests in every room and on the outside terrace.

The main room audio is delivered by an L-Acoustics speaker system of ARCS loudspeakers and SB28 subwoofers for the mains and XTi loudspeakers for the fills. Whilst the feel of the second room – the intimate ultra-lounge – is very different the technology features L-Acoustics Arcs Focus and Arcs Wide loudspeakers with SB18 subwoofers.

Wet Republic, MGM Grand, Las Vegas

The brief was to create an ‘unbelievable experience for guests’ that would continue to position the venue at the forefront of Vegas’ day club scene. The original sound system had been in place for over 10 years, and, from the beginning, we knew that a brand-new system comprising L-Acoustics products would be the perfect match for Wet Republic.

We used L-Acoustics’ modelling software to maximise the performance of the system. The location itself presented several challenges due to the highly residential surrounding area, which also included guest accommodation, so they had to be aware of sound spillage and disruption, while also ensuring maximum performance and atmosphere within the venue. By using the modelling software, we were able to maximise high-energy audio on the more crowded parts of the club, and, for the quieter, private cabana areas, L-Acoustics X Series infill cabinets were supplied to provide good-quality sound and atmosphere.

In the main area of the club, we installed 18 L-Acoustics KARAiW two-way line arrays positioned L-R, along with eight L-Acoustics KS28 subwoofers. In the VIP areas, six KARAiW loudspeakers were specified, and the cabana benefits from 10 L-Acoustics X8W two-way passive enclosures, as well as six L-Acoustics SB18iW subwoofers. Amplification came from six L-Acoustics LA12X amplifiers and four LA4X amplifiers.

Hakkasan MGM Grand Las Vegas

For Hakkasan, MGM Grand, Las Vegas we managed the design and installation of the audio, video, and lighting systems. We worked closely with the nightclub’s team to create a unique experience that would set Hakkasan apart from all other clubs on the Vegas Strip. Our goal was to create an immersive environment that would transport guests to another world, one that would keep them dancing all night long.

L’Acoustics KARA loudspeakers were deployed as near field DJ monitors. We used the renowned industry benchmark K series speakers as they provide clear power and adjustable coverage, designed for long-throw tours and installations.

Opium – Dublin, Ireland

Audiotek designed and supplied state-of-the-art lighting, sound, and video package for Mercantile Group’s latest offering in Dublin, which boasts an audio system that speaks for itself. L’Acoustics ARCS and SB28 subwoofers, all powered by L’Acoustics LA8 amplifiers.

OMNIA Dayclub, Bali

OMNIA Dayclub is a large, and luxurious, venue that required an audio-visual system that was capable of meeting the high demands of such a large-scale venue. We delivered a system that exceeded all expectations enabling the venue to operate at extremely high levels and with total control. All resulting in an amazing one-of-a-kind dayclub! We used L’Acoustics industry-renowned subwoofers.

L’Acoustics professional sound design products have made them industry leaders. They provide exceptional short, medium, long-throw loudspeakers and subwoofers, ensuring a comprehensive range of versatile loudspeakers to fit all needs and audience sizes.

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