Ling Ling Marrakech

Ling Ling restaurant in Marrakech, first opened its luxurious doors in August 2016, after its older sister showcased in Mykonos, in the summer of 2015. Ling Ling venues focus on speciality drinks accompanied by food – typically this is done the other way around. Owned by the global hospitality powerhouse Hakkasan Group, Ling Ling Marrakesh is their first venue on the African continent.

Audio Visual Technical Excellence for Ling Ling Marrakech

We have a long-standing relationship with the Hakkasan Group, who reached out to us to design and install an audio system that needed to be subtle and flexible. The audio system would be used in the bar and dining area, these areas are not just used for fine dining, but also pre-dinner meetups, and DJ-driven party events. We were so excited to get the call to come into the space when it was empty; there are many benefits to working in an empty space and being able to plan out and install the sound system alongside the restaurant’s bespoke set-up. This ensures our equipment is installed in key locations which optimizes the sound quality and experience.

The system set-up stole the show with an array of high-quality specialised products carefully selected for their compact and discreet setups, whilst still delivering the power needed for DJ nights. The products selected were:

14 x Tannoy VX 8 loudspeaker

8 x Tannoy VSX 8.2BP subwoofer

9 x Lab.Gruppen IPD2400amplifier

1 x QSC Q-Sys Core 100f DSP platform

1 x QSC TSC-3 touchscreen

Discussing the set-up

Christopher Kmiec, our technical manager was interviewed about the project by Mondo magazine who have showcased many Hakkasan Group venues and SuperClubs over the years. Here’s what Chris had to say about why each product was chosen specifically for this venue.

“The audio set up in this venue needed to cope with a number of different uses. The primary use of the venue is as a bar and dining space, and because it is located within such a prestigious hotel, it acts as a pre-dinner meeting space for guests, as well as continuing late into the night. The later entertainment, and private party events, are all very DJ driven. This meant we needed a system that would be both refined enough for clean background listening with dining customers, and also have the power to run all night in a DJ driven event.

We chose The Tannoy VX range for its exceptional power and quality in compact boxes.  We have used the same product range on many other projects; they never disappoint. The IPD also offers DSP on every output, allowing us to add additional tuning to certain areas and across the room where needed.

The Core 100f was chosen due to its flexible outputs, this system required a number of different inputs such as background music players and DJs. The venue needed each pre-set control for the different input sources, as well as output levels set so it didn’t disturb hotel guests.  Access password control then allows other modes of the system that give more level for those big one-off events.”

Ling Ling has been positioned as ‘Hakkasan’s naughty little sister’, it’s a really flexible venue, and as such needed a flexible sound system. The system we have installed really is capable of handling anything thrown at it.”