Commercial audio visual systems … it’s what we do.

No matter what type of hospitality venue, or event you are managing, the guest experience is directly related to the quality of your commercial audio visual systems. Bigger (louder and brighter) isn’t always better.
Designing a space that delivers an immersive experience for a guest (or
employee) means breaking down your venue into zones and designing your AV accordingly.

Each zone should be designed with the following in mind.

What is the main purpose of the zone?

Chatting, eating, dancing, cheering on your team? Think about the user experience and journey through your venue or space.

Does every zone in your space have the same requirements?

Even the biggest dance clubs have chill-out areas where guests can relax and socialise. If every inch of the club thumps at the same
volume, it’ll make for a pretty uncomfortable experience for your guests and team members. It’s important to control the noise and visual experiences to match the purpose of the space.

Are there any legal requirements in relation to noise and ambient noise in the surrounding area or zones?

Noise pollution
is a big deal, particularly in built-up areas. Ensuring that your AV systems don’t cause a noise nuisance is critical. Designing your systems with the outside environment in mind is a must.

Are you creating an immersive experience for your guests?

Does the ambient music, lighting and space create an experience that enhances rather than detracts from your guests visit? We’ve all sat in a restaurant where the music was too loud and hated every second of it. Getting the balance right in commercial audio and visual systems is critically important.

Combining Audio, Video and Lighting to create the perfect ambience.

It’s harder than it might first appear. Understanding how sound and light move through a space is a specialist skill requiring a combination of engineering specialists. Creating spaces that work in harmony with one another is the hallmark of a well-designed venue that guests will enjoy, return to and recommend.

We have worked on some of the worlds largest and smallest spaces to create truly immersive experiences. Our team of design and installation specialists work alongside your key contractors and you to develop the right commercial audio visual system that will lift your venue or event to new heights. To learn how we can help you create a world-class audio-visual system contact us today.