Professional Audio Systems

Professional Audio systems are arguably the heart of every venue, be it in a nightclub, chic restaurant, at a football match or corporate presentation. Understanding the nuances of sound design and applying it appropriately takes experience and engineering expertise. Every event or venue has very different sound requirements. We’ve worked on some of the worlds best systems and have decades of experience developing immersive projects that enhance guest experience at the venue or event.

Depending on the type of venue or event, professional audio systems vary greatly. Here are just a few of the types of audio systems we work with.

Large Format Sound Systems

The technology required to deliver high quality sound for Nightclubs, Festivals, Concert venues, and for audiences of 1000 people to 500,000 people needs to be the highest standard. System design is for naught without the right equipment. We are distributors for L-Acoustics loudspeaker systems. The brand is responsible for the audio at 9 out of 10 of the highest-grossing festival brands worldwide. Our projects have included some of the most prestigious night clubs and large scale events in the world.

Restaurant Sound Systems

It might sound obvious, but background audio should be in the background, but in the foreground when you want it there. It’s tricky to deliver ambience on demand, but with the right design and technology, it’s possible to do so.

Having professional audio systems in a restaurant will transform even the dreariest lunchtime service into the atmosphere you are looking for. Sound can mask those private conversations or be used (maybe with a DJ) to excite and entertain. But, too loud when it needs to be quiet and you’ll have your guests running out of the door.

Sound in the Workplace

Whether it’s an office space, gym, warehouse, or other facility, background music can lift productivity (and morale).

Having an audio system that supports a productive environment can also be combined to page staff and make announcements. Sound can also be used for presentations to all staff, or video playbacks. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you have the right sound system in your workplace.

Sound in the Classroom or Meeting Room

With the continuous rise of the video calls in 2-person huddle rooms sound quality has become a feature of productivity. It’s hard to function when you’re fighting with playback. The need for in-person spaces is not dead, far from it, many organisations have reinvented in-person presentations with anything from small meetings to 1000 seat lecture theatres.

From simple playback systems to speech reinforcement, or video conferencing, audio can make or break how clearly your message is heard.

PA Systems & Sporting Events

We’ve all been to an outdoor event with a PA system that sounds like a crackly throw-back to years gone by. Sometimes, sound is more about being heard and not just every third word. Projecting the voice as far, and as clearly as possible is critically important. Either for commentary or for safety. Audiotek can model these systems in advance so that you know once it’s working, it’s going to work (when you need it).

Our design and installation engineers have worked on some of the worlds largest outdoor venues ensuring that the PA is audible in every corner of the venue.

Professional Audio Systems are as varied as the venues we install them. Each venue or space has its own unique requirements and we work to ensure that every design is perfectly balanced to create the ultimate experience for your guests and delegates.  For more information please contact us today.

Sound in the Classroom or Meeting Room