An Audiotek Project Case Study – St Olave’s Grammar School

Audiotek - St Olave’s Grammar School Case Study

St Olave’s Grammar School in Kent, England recently underwent a huge audio-visual makeover. The school chose us to design and install a new PA system.

St Olave's Grammar School, Kent.

Located in the historic town of Orpington in Kent, St Olave’s Grammar School is known for its long-standing commitment to providing students with an education that encourages creativity, debate, and academic excellence. Founded by a royal charter in 1571, St Olave’s has been educating for over 450 years and prides itself on its proud history and boasts a wide range of extracurricular activities such as sports teams and theatre productions.

The schools existing A/V systems.

The current system had numerous drawbacks, putting an unnecessary burden on both the IT technicians and Senior Leadership. Not only were they faced with having to manually put together complex pieces of equipment, but they also had to test it extensively in order to have confidence in their operations. Unfortunately, this led to a variety of problems when technical difficulties arose during the show. It was clear that the existing system needed immediate reform to improve reliability and reduce stress for those involved.

How we designed and implemented the new A/V system.

The new A/V system was designed as a comprehensive solution to provide high-quality audio and video entertainment. The design followed industry standard guidelines and involved careful consideration of architecture, acoustic properties, HDMI cable location and distribution, power requirements, and other components. During development, attention was also paid to potential future use to ensure the system remained flexible.

We replaced the existing AV systems with a new, high-performance kit. We added an overall control system to simplify day-to-day use, which included integrated control of sound, lighting, video, and window blinds. We also upgraded to bright, full-HD projection and direct connectivity for staff laptops via HDMI.

We designed a new integrated system that maintains all the functionality for the theatre, but also adds a control overlay for non-technical users. All day-to-day functions can be accessed from a single, touchscreen onstage, and can be operated by end-users with minimal training. Most functions are one-touch automation for projector/screen and blinds, and an ‘event mode’ allows traditional sound and lighting desk operation when needed but does not impact assemblies the next morning.

After the plan was approved by the Senior Leadership Team and Governors, we got to work on the installation. The integral components were connected with precise accuracy and tested until a pristine audio-visual experience was obtained. This also included servicing and testing of the existing lighting fixtures, as well as load testing and rating of existing fixed lighting bars.

Products and technology used for the new system.

For this extensive and bespoke project, we used the following technology:

  • Q-SYS DSP and control
  • Martin Audio CDD
  • Powersoft amplification
  • Allen & Heath QU-16
  • Chamsys QuickQ Consoles
  • Chauvet Pro lighting fixtures
  • SY Electronics Video distribution

The benefits the new A/V system has given the school.

The school’s new A/V system has made a world of difference to its theatre productions and assemblies. It has allowed students to take their performances to the next level by providing commanding sound quality with seamless transitions and improved realism. The system has also given teachers running audio-visual elements for assemblies’ complete peace of mind. The implementation of this cutting-edge system has been a great success – helping the school bring its excitement and enthusiasm for theatrical productions and assembly presentations alive like never before!

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