Wet Republic Remodel, MGM Grand, Las Vegas

In 2019, costing $3.5 million the Wet Republic remodel debuted a new sound system, expanded DJ booth, and an upgraded LED display.

The 54,500-square-foot venue at the MGM Grand is an amazing day club and pool party venue, hosting the biggest DJs in Las Vegas. The ultimate playground for partygoers, glitterati, and celebrities, Wet Republic combines the best elements of Vegas nightlife with supreme poolside amenities to create the ultimate day club experience.

Audiotek: Wet Republic Remodel Project Consultant

We were the lead project consultants for the Wet Republic remodel, working alongside local integrator NTI. This also involved working closely with the MGM Grand audio-visual team to ensure they had a system they could maintain alongside the Hakkasan Group.

The poolside party metropolis was redesigned into an enthralling architectural and audio-visual feast for the eyes and ears. The old systems were large and outdated and needed to be replaced with the latest innovations in A/V technology. This included a new sound system, a bigger DJ booth area and enhanced LED displays.

The brief from Hakkasan and MGM Grand for this project was to create an unbelievable experience for guests that would continue to position the venue at the forefront of the Vegas day club scene.

Based on the brief we designed and commissioned the L-Acoustics sound system, and the giant TaylorLEDS video wall. This involved using products from L-Acoustics (KARA II, SB28 & X12) and TaylorLEDS WG3 Series Wall LEDs.

The New Sound System and Expanded DJ Booth

The original sound system had been in place for over 10 years, and, from the beginning, we knew that a brand-new system comprising L-Acoustics products would be the perfect match for Wet Republic.

We used L-Acoustics modelling software to maximise the performance of the system. The location itself presented several challenges due to the proximity of the densely populated residential surrounding areas, which also included hotel guest accommodation. Sound spillage and disruption needed to be minimised, while also maximising performance and atmosphere throughout the venue. Using modelling software, we were able to maximise high-energy audio in the more crowded parts of the club and, for the quieter, private cabana areas, L-Acoustics X Series infill cabinets were supplied to provide good-quality sound and atmosphere.

In the main area of the club, we installed 18 L-Acoustics KARAiW two-way line arrays positioned L-R, along with eight L-Acoustics KS28 subwoofers. In the VIP areas, six KARAiW loudspeakers were specified, and the cabana benefits from 10 L-Acoustics X8W two-way passive enclosures, as well as six L-Acoustics SB18iW subwoofers. Amplification came from six L-Acoustics LA12X amplifiers and four LA4X amplifiers. Pioneer Pro Audio DJ equipment is also used at the club, with one DJM900NX2 and four CDJ2000NX2s installed, along with two Shure wireless microphones.

“L-Acoustics is a great brand that we have absolute faith in the quality and integrity of the support personnel, as well as in the design and robust sonic quality of its components and products. Quality, reliability, accuracy, build quality, and attention to detail were all key elements in L-Acoustics winning over the management team and earning their loyalty across seven international and headline venue projects in three continents.” Frank Murray, Founder, Audiotek 

The Giant LED Video Wall

As part of the Wet Republic remodel, an intricate cantilevered cube-shaped LED display was installed in the main pool area of the club, using products from TaylorLEDS. A video board is the backdrop of the venue and encapsulates the DJ, creating a portal into another world, with custom-designed content and blue hues that bounce off the pool.

Prior to the 1,200 sq. ft TaylorLEDS P3 HD 4K IP outdoor video wall being installed, Wet Republic only had a standard flat LED screen that ran content throughout the day, the concept behind the cube construction was to create something unique and different to other clubs. The panels can also be assembled to achieve a 3D corner, creating more outstanding effects.

TaylorLEDS products were chosen for their high-quality video screen technology and are brands that we always have faith in and each time audiences have been wowed by their amazing capabilities.”

The End Result

The stunning and innovative Wet republic remodel is nothing short of spectacular. The importance of excellent quality audio and video is more than apparent and cannot be underestimated. We have the expertise and the knowledge to bring these big-scale projects to life.

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Audiotek - Wet Republic Remodel
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