An Audiotek Project Case Study – The National Concert Hall Dublin

Audiotek - The National Concert Hall Dublin Case Study

The National Concert Hall Dublin

The National Concert Hall Dublin is Ireland’s National Cultural Institution for music. Hosting over 1,000 events each year, the hall offers world-class music and entertainment for all ages – enriching people’s lives through music and the magic of live performance. Established over 120 years ago, this iconic Irish venue has seen countless performances and music in its highest form.

The National Concert Hall recently found itself with an outdated PA system, one that could no longer keep up with its audience or ensure the highest quality of sound for live performances.

In the following case study, we’ll show what we did, how it was achieved and why our solution proved successful in bringing this landmark venue up to date technologically while still maintaining its traditional charm.

The National Concert Hall Dublin Project Goal.

With The National Concert Hall’s PA system due for replacement, it had been tendered out to a number of suppliers.

A joint Audiotek and L-Acoustics bid resulted in an on-site demo of the K3 System. Listening and measurement tests for the K3, carried out by the consultant Peter Mapp came out as the top system demoed and listened to. One comment received was “This is the best we’ve heard this room sound”. The joint bid by Audiotek and L-Acoustics was accepted and the K3 system was then installed by Audiotek, within a tight timescale around planned events in the space.

Audiotek and L-Acoustics' PA Solution – The K3 System

In order to meet the concert hall’s needs, Audiotek and L-Acoustics collaborated to provide a solution in the form of the K3 system. With its flexible range of modular components, this solution was tailored to suit their requirements. It has the power, precision, and clarity of a fully integrated system in an easy-to-use package.

The K3 is leading-edge technology in sound optimisation, offering outstanding crystal-clear sound for audiences. It takes advantage of the latest advancements in acoustical engineering, giving venues unparalleled reliability, flexibility, and a lightweight system that won’t overload with bulky equipment.

The technology we used, all supplied by L’Acoustics, included:

  • K3 dual 12″ 2-way active, long throw, loudspeakers. Delivers full-range, compact system with no compromises.
  • KS28 dual 18″ high-power subwoofers.
  • X12 2-way passive, 12″ short throw, loudspeakers.
  • SYVA 5″ medium throw, 2-way passive loudspeakers.

Results Achieved After Installation of the K3 System.

Both technicians and performers have agreed that the new K3 system has revolutionised their live sound, providing clarity and tones that couldn’t be achieved with their previous PA system. This powerful sound production solution guarantees that each audience member uninterruptedly experiences completely accurate and true-to-life sound.

We are extremely proud of the results achieved in the National Concert Hall and are confident that it will continue to provide outstanding sound experiences for years to come. We believe this case study demonstrates our ability to deliver high-quality a/v solutions, regardless of the size or complexity of the project.

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