Pavilion Theatre - Dublin

Pavilion Theatre first opened its doors in 1903 and has undergone many transformations throughout the years. Located in the picturesque seaside town of Dún Laoghaire (just south of Dublin), the current Pavilion Theatre was built in 2000 as a municipal theatre, with a maximum capacity of 324 seats. It has since grown and established itself as a thriving cultural centre entertaining thousands of visitors every year.

The Challenge

Our role was to act as the A/V consultant throughout the entire project on behalf of Time Out. This included supervising the tender process and installation of all equipment on their behalf.

To provide a comprehensive audio-visual system for Time Out Market, Dubai, we had to pull off an installation that was both technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing.

Our professional team went above and beyond when it came to the installation of equipment that brought this project to life, enabling beautiful stage lighting, innovative audio solutions for background music, mesmerising video walls and stage set-up; all accumulating together to provide the perfect audio-visual experience.

What We Did

System design and installation working alongside L-Acoustics.

Project Overview

Pavilion Theatre runs a packed schedule of performances including everything from spoken word to ballet, orchestra, live music and even as a cinema! As a result, the demands on the audio system are pretty intense. Accommodating (and satisfying) crew, performers and audiences is no easy task. The ability to quickly transition from one performance type to another was critical as the existing system was extremely labour intensive and tricky to balance. Pavilion Theatre wanted to take a big step forward from their existing system.

The ambitious scope of the project demanded a response that was equal to the ambitious goals of the Pavilion team. It required a lot of time, attention to detail and creative thinking to develop a system that lived up to the expectations of the Pavilion team.

Audiotek Project Manager, Ashley Attwood, worked alongside the Pavilion team. We pulled together a top-level conceptual schematic of what a system might look like. That helped shape our understanding of what the system needs were, and what could work. When we had that nailed down, we moved onto the system design. The system needs to last, so a key aspect of design was not only what do they need today, but what would they need down the line

The System

The main system is a left-centre-right array, flown about the Pros (as in a proscenium arch). The design keeps the bulk of the system discreetly out of the way but has the coverage and power to cover the whole audience.

Working with L-Acoustics we took 24 reference measurements across the listening area to measure the coverage. As a result, the design was reinforced around the building with various fills to ensure that coverage was reaching into the many complex nooks and crannies around the audience space. The challenge was making sure that the same high-quality sound was replicated into all those different areas and not just the main seating area. We discreetly added additional delay speakers tucked away in corners which were all aligned and coherent to the main system, so everyone gets the best quality audio.

System List

  1. ·LA4X CE – Amplified controller with FC 4 x 1000 W/8Ohms. Ethernet network. AES/EBU. CE version.

    ·LA12X CE – Amplified controller 4 x 2600 W/4 Ohms CE mains connector.

    ·A10i WIDE – 2-way passive constant curvature WST® 30° enclosure: 10” LF + 2.5” HF diaphragm (installation version).

    ·KS28 Flyable Subwoofer 2 x 18”

    ·A10i WIDE-SCREEN – acoustically transparent front screen for A10i Wide

    ·A10i WIDE-SCREEN-LIFT – Acoustically transparent front screen for A10i Wide with A10i-Lift

    ·5XT- 2-way passive coaxial enclosure: 5” LF + 1” HF Diaphragm

    ·LA4X CE – Amplified controller with PDF 4 x f1000 W/8 Ohms. Ethernet network. AES/EBU. CE version.


Pavilion Theatre