Keim Paints

Kiem Paints projector close up
Kiem Paints Projector
Kiem Paints projector screen

We were approached by Keim Paints to install a wireless projector and motorised screen at their new premises. The system had to be designed in such a way that staff could easily control it, without any technical expertise. We were also responsible for providing a support structure to mount the projector and the screen in the desired location.

We decided to use an Epsom wireless projector with a Grandview motorised projector screen for this installation. The Epsom projector and Grandview motorised projector screen combination were ideal for this project because they offered a simple yet effective solution that met all the requirements of the client. Not only are they easy to operate but they display high-quality images and can easily connect to any wireless network.


Keim Paints


London, UK


Epsom Wireless Projector
Grandview motorised projector screen