The Hakkasan Group’s latest offering on the Las Vegas Strip, Jewel is as inviting as it is evocative with over 24,000 square feet of precisely designed space. Audiotek designed and supplied a complete lighting, sound and video package which sets a benchmark in club design.

Video and lighting elements come together in a cohesive design giving expression in the Ayrton Dream Panel Twin, using both sides of the panel – installed in a grid formation behind the DJ – to construct a kinetic video wall comprising Ayrton Magic Dots mounted on custom fabricated telescopic brackets.

Distinctive LED ribbons crown the action as they contour the pillars and walls pulsing with the rhythm. This convergence of sight and sound creates an immersive space to admire and enjoy the ambiance. Just behind the DJ booth, a mesmerising wall of light technology shape-shifts and shines, synchronising the experience and culminating with a feast for the senses.


ARIA Resort & Casino


Las Vegas


Absen, Ayrton

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