Clay's Kitchen & Bar

Audiotek fit new sound system to Clay's Kitchen & Bar, Caversham
Audiotek installed QA-Zone 8 for Clay's Kitchen & Bar, Caversham

Clay’s Kitchen & Bar, as featured in Grace Dent’s column for the Guardian began life in a smaller location and has moved to a much larger, dynamic space in Caversham on the outskirts of Reading (Berkshire). Delivering the best of Indian cuisine, it is a lively, popular venue.

The Project Brief.

We were commissioned to design and install a new sound system that allowed Clay’s to flex how they used the space. We built out the audio system using Optimal Audio Zone8P, with QSC AD.C4T loudspeakers allowing them to create a more versatile and enjoyable experience for its guests. 

Audio functionality.
The space is primarily used for dining but, like most venues today, the need to accommodate other uses was imperative. The system allows Clay’s to easily flip between quiet dining, to a buzzing space with DJ sets, and private events.

Whenever we design an audio system, we’re always mindful of adding layers of flexible usage into the design and ensuring that each use is optimised. When they need sound in the background for quiet dining, it won’t overpower the space, when they want to rock out … the system will flex to fit. 

The End Result.

Clay’s Kitchen & Bar is a great example of how a well-designed audio system can improve the overall experience for guests and help expand revenue potential through space adaptation.

Top notch sound, for top notch food.


Clay’s Kitchen & Bar


Berkshire, UK


Optimal Audio Zone8P
QSC AD.C4T Loudspeakers