Audiotek - Coqbull project case study
Audiotek - Coqbull front project case study

COQBULL Spitalfields features two bars and dining areas located on different floors, as well as an expansive outdoor dining area situated within the iconic Spitalfields Market.

We had previously worked on the refurbishment of the ground floor restaurant, which consisted of us using Martin Audio equipment for that project, but this was a second-phase project for the venue’s basement renovation. For the basement renovation space, which is a DJ led space, we were asked to install an audio system, which would allow the basement to be used for private parties, hires and events.

Audio Technology Installed.

We decided to install 4 x Optimal Audio Cuboid 8 Loudspeakers in the two different basement rooms (2 per room), this allowed the space to be used without subwoofers due to the tight amount of space left within the refit.

This ensured an even sound throughout the entire basement space, which was a difficult challenge as the space doesn’t follow a uniform shape. We used optimal-audio equipment for this installation because we knew that the clarity and flexibility of the sound distribution would be a great fit for this unusual space, allowing us to optimise the space and acoustics of the basement. This created an immersive experience for guests, regardless of where they sat within the basement area.




Spitalfields, London


Optimal Audio Cuboid 8


Restaurant & Nightlife