Chris Kmiec – UK Director – Based in Reading (and on-location)

Audiotek - Meet the Team - Chris Kmiec Bio

Combine engineering expertise, creative flair and a passion for all things audio-visual, and you have Chris Kmiec. A self-confessed audio-visual nerd, Chris has been a cornerstone team member at Audiotek for more than 10 years. Serving as Engineering director, and General Manager of the UK office, he wears lots of hats.

In addition to leading UK project installations, he also works closely with our global consultancy team. Chris is respected throughout the professional audio-visual community for his impressive engineering and project management skills. Chris has a talent for bringing out the best in everyone he works with, and this is reflected in his extensive network of worldwide distributors and installation experts who are always happy to work with him and the Audiotek team.

Chris graduated from Surrey University, with a degree in Media Engineering and he has worked at Audiotek since 2013. The list of projects that Chris has worked on during his time with Audiotek is impressive. We asked Chris for a list of his favourite projects so far and why they mean so much to him, but top of the list was Omnia.

Omnia - The first large-scale project.

This was Chris’ first large-scale project for Audiotek, and perhaps one of the most complex projects ever undertaken for a nightclub lighting rig. “The chandelier is spectacular, and it was thrilling to be part of the team that brought that life. Its awe-inspiring design and technical complexity heralded a new era in nightclub venues creating an immersive experience that brings together DJs, dancers, and guests in a cohesive, almost theatrical way. It was an incredibly complex design and an amazing first project with Audiotek. It’s gratifying that guests are still being blown away by it 10 years after it was launched.”

Omnia Project Scope.

Our highly creative design for the audio, lighting and video systems across the Omnia project was designed to complement the club’s opulence and grandeur. The main room’s central feature is a huge 32 ft diameter, 5-tonne kinetic chandelier, covered in Robe Lights, which dominates the room, combining lighting and movement to create a spectacular effect.

The movement of the chandelier is controlled by motion tracking where each of the independent rings can be manipulated to create an ever-changing display. The main room audio system is delivered by an L-Acoustics speaker system of ARCS loudspeakers and SB28 subwoofers for the mains and XTi loudspeakers for the fills.

The ambience required for the second room, the more intimate ultra-lounge, is vastly different. The technology in this room features L-Acoustics ARCS Focus and ARCS Wide loudspeakers with SB18 subwoofers.

On the outside terrace, the Renkus Heinz loudspeakers keep the sound spill to nearby hotels under control, while allowing headline DJs to push out high-level acoustics on the terrace. The end result is a sophisticated, feature-packed system, providing the very best in sound quality and bespoke lighting.

Chris’ projects are renowned for their complexity, creativity, and high degree of client satisfaction. His leadership skills, combined with his technical knowledge and innovative ideas, has allowed our business to grow exponentially in recent years. He has worked tirelessly to develop and maintain effective partnerships with key clients all over the world, and his expertise and dedication have been instrumental in building the success of Audiotek. When Chris isn’t busy with work, he enjoys cycling and discovering new cycle routes, as well as listening to music.